Instructions to roll your own standalone iBeacon. This is excellent use of RPi since it is small, low power usage and easy configuration. Rolling your own may just take an hour or so

What is iBeacon?

Using Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE), iBeacon opens up a new whole dimension by creating a beacon around regions so your app can be alerted when users enter them. Beacons are a small wireless sensors placed inside any physical space that transmit data to your iPhone using Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Smart).

iBeacon is supported natively in iOS7.

It also has potential to be NFC killer since it has been a nonstarter despite Google’s push. It will also transform commerce and retail experience by potentially becoming defacto platform for these use cases. The added advantage is it is built on open technology so anyone can build and extend.

via Radius Networks.