Design Considerations:

  • Has to fit a collar (electronics and power source)
  • Sturdy to withstand rough handling (vibration and motion with some hard knocks)
  • small enough so that it is unobtrusive
  • Measure and log activity (running, jumping, walking)
  • Log location and distance
  • connectivity (optional)
  • Logging on onboard storage (mSD card)



  • Standalone and dedicated application
  • can be made portable
  • Can shrink down final implementation (tiny duino)
  • Low power usage (advantage for battery based implementations)
  • Cheap and cost effective
  • availability of sensors for integration (accelerometer, gps)
  • availability of shields (sdcard, connectivity)


Arduino UNO based platform, connect to accelerometer and gps shield, connect with a sdcard shield powered by coin cell battery.

TinyDuino Processor Board Uno based board, comes with Coin cell battery mount (CR1612-CR1632 coin cell batteries), needs TinyShield USB & ICP addon to program the board.

TinyShield USB & ICP

TinyShield Accelerometer

TinyShield GPS

TinyShield microSD

TinyDuino Mounting Kit

Logic :

Accelerometer and GPS. The accelerometer to measure cadence and foot movement (steps per minute), and GPS to measure distance.

< 10:00/mi,  running

10:00 < 14:00 /mi,  jogging

14:00 + /mi,  walking


1. Adafruit – GPS Dog Collar