Yevgeniy Brikman postulates that it will play-out better in the long term if you focus on learning to think rather than just focusing on learning to code. Coding does have its advantages but it should not be the goal.

Computer science is the study of computation: that is, how to represent and process information. Here are just a few of the concepts you might study:Problem solving: you’ll learn algorithms – that is, general strategies, such as divide and conquer, recursion, heuristics, greedy search, and randomized algorithms – that help you model, decompose, and solve any kind of problem.Logic: you will start to use precise and formal methods of thinking, including abstraction, boolean logic, number theory, and set theory, so you can solve problems in an air tight manner.Data: you will touch information theory and start asking questions like what is information? How do you represent it? How do you model the real world?Systems: how do you design and build complex systems that satisfy a set of requirements and constraints? Systems engineering is an essential topic in almost every business.Thinking: one of the best ways to understand the human mind is to try to replicate it. Topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing are at the forefront of not only computer science, but also biology, psychology, philosophy, and mathematics.

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