The Makerfarm Prusa i3v has lot of fans in RepRap community. The kit has many good reviews and the users have good things to say about the support offered by the kit maker. The frame is laser cut and comes with variety of options for nozzles.

The i3V printer uses OpenBuilds V-SLot Linear Rail which provides Smoother Operation at Higher Print Speeds.


  • 8″x8″x8″ Build Envelope*
  • RAMPS 1.4 Electronics
  • 50 micron layer height
  • LCD Interface (print without a PC)
  • Heat bed
  • GT2 Pulley’s and Belts
  • .35mm, .40mm or .50mm Hot End Nozzle for 3mm filament, .40mm Hot End Nozzle for 1.75mm Filament
  • NEW 66oz-in Motors for all axis’ (Pre-Wired)
  • NEW Bed leveling kit
  • Kapton Tape
  • V-Slot Extrusion (Higher print speeds and smoother operation)
  • Assembled dimensions 18″x18″x27″ (with spool of filament installed)

Via Prusa 8″ i3v Kit (V-Slot Extrusion)

The second popular and well regarded kit is from Nophead, a well regarded RepRap community member who makes Mendel90 kits. He has a blog at Hydraraptor.

Mendel90 is a design by Nophead that replaces many of the threaded rods and printed parts of the Prusa Mendel with flat sheets of MDF, Dibond, Acrylic or any other stiff sheet material. This simplifies construction, stiffens the frame, and always keeps the axes at 90 degree angles, hence the name.- RepRap Wiki


  • Build Envelope 200mm x 200mm x 200mm (8″x8″x8″)
  • Melzi electronics with Atmega1284P,
  • 50 micron layer height
  • Micro SD card for pause free printing(print without a PC), comes pre-loaded with all the software needed to print on Windows (Linux equivalents can be downloaded) and a USB to SD adaptor for direct connection to a PC.
  • Prusa MK2 heated bed with 2mm glass sheet.
  • 5 NEMA17 43Ncm stepper motors.
  • .40mm Hot End Nozzle for 3 mm Filament
  • 3mm Dibond aluminium composite panels CNC cut and drilled.
  • Assembled dimensions : Footprint 465mm x 419mm(18″x16″) . Height 400mm (15″), with spool 609mm(24″) installed