After poring through endless forum posts and reviewing advice sought by beginners here’s a list if features I have shortlisted for my search.

1. Open-sourced : Community support,  based with good availability of spares and parts.

2. Support : Good online support and uptake with community. This would eliminate most of the cheap kits and Chinese clones

3. Documentation : Since this is going to be my first foray, should be idiot proof.

4. Stability : Should have sturdy and stable frame, this should eliminate frequent calibrations.

5. Ease of Assembly : all inclusive kit, with good quality sourced components.

6. Print Resolution : At-least 100 mm but would prefer less than 100 m, given than going lower would generally mean slower speed.

7. Extruders/Hot end: At-least 0.4 mm, possibly to expand to dual extruders at a later stage

8. Expandability – Community support for addons and improvements

9. Build Volume : Heated bed, Preferably 8x8x8 with option to expand at a later stage

10. Materials : PLA and ABS

11. Printer type : Cartesian

12. Price Range – $500-900