In anticipation of the kit, there are other components that need to be locally sourced.

1. Power Supply : Any ATX power supply (at least 500W) or Xbox power supply 203W version. Both need some tinkering to make it workable. I’m leaning towards ATX for future expandability (if additional hotends or fans need to be added).
Reading through advice on Reprap forums and Power Supply – RepRapWiki, decided on Amazon.com: Antec BP550 Plus 550W ATX12V V2.3 Modular Power Supply: Electronics

1. Digital Calipers : iGaging IP54 Electronic Digital Caliper
2. Dial gauge : AccuRemote 0-1″/0.0005″ DIGITAL ELECTRONIC INDICATOR GAGE GAUGE

Consumables :
1. White Lithium Grease : Permatex 80345 White Lithium Grease

2. Filament : 3MM (looking for good sources) and reading up reviews

3. Blue Painters Tape : Normal 3M painters tape

4. Rubbing alcohol : Already have it

5. Acetone : This is to clean and degrease the metal components in the kit( Other users building recommended cleaning first). Acetone is quick drying and does not leave any residue. Thinking of using Naptha instead since I already have it.