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Pete has a cool project where he goes over setup of diminutive but quite capable ESP8266 chip with LUA firmware. Though still at a demo stage to illustrate that the device can be made to operate in a standalone mode with programmed firmware able to react and respond to commands and instructions as opposed to it being used purely as a Wifi enabler board for a microcomputer based project.

In his own words…

What do I mean by a computer in this context? I mean a device capable of connecting to the outside world via WIFI and doing real things – like flashing a light or reading a sensor – and having a human interface installed…. I’m stretching this a little, but essentially right now as I write this I have in front of me a computer capable of responding to commands in a terminal window – for £2 – does that have your interest?

Adding this to the long list of projects to try out.

Via – Probably the Cheapest WIFI Computer in the World (ESP8266+LUA) | My Tech Weblog.