Lenovo Thinskserver TS140 is on sale @ $285. The Xeon version is real bargain at this prices.

1 x RAM 4 GB (upgradable to 32 GB ECC or nonECC)

HDD 1 x 500 GB


HD Graphics P4600

Built for Silent operation

Cannot build one myself at this price if I need to put one together.

The server in this config is more than capable as a home NAS or a media server (Linux or Windows).

For the Home lab I intend to use it as a Virtualizing environment (ESXi or KVM) with either windows or Linux based hosts.

My plan is to add some upgrades:

1. Memory 32 GB (non-ECC since it is not expected to be on all the time and mission critical, On the other hand if the ECC memory is cheap enough will go with it)
2. SSD as main boot drive (OS and VM Images)
3. Video card (GPU) for high-res multi monitor support (on at least one windows host)

detailed specifications@ Lenovo Site.

TS 140 Specifications

TS 140 Specifications