Here is a Kickstarter campaign for “Piece” a companion for your smart phone that is tethered to your smart phone via Bluetooth. The gadget has dual sim card slots that can be used as two independent phones via their Piece app. They have announced compatibility for both iOS and Andriod. Additionally it also functions as a Bluetooth tether to alert if either phone or itself is moves away more than 30 feet. While this sounds quite attractive the disappointing fact is it does support data. It does come at an attractive price point at $75 (Just Bluetooth tethers cost from $25 upwards).

Via Kickstarter – PIECE – Change The Way You Use Smart Phones.

There is also a another Kickstarter campaign for “Glocalme G2” which is even more attractive. This is a global Wi-Fi Hotspot which can use dual sim cards. This is data only option and it is unlocked so you can use local procured data cards. They have their own data plans which offer convenience of having easy way of provisioning data and ordering process. Moreover they already have an established product which seems to have a good following on Amazon – Glocalme® G1

Via Kickstarter – GlocalMe Kills SIM Card and Roaming Pains