Automate all the shell scripts

Gratuitous Meme

For anything more than simple tasks on Linux and Unix based systems you frequently have to dip into shell scripting especially if they are repetitive and need careful attention to detail to ensure the commands are executed in right sequence and with right options.

For RPi, every time I have a new project to try or trying new packages, it is essential to create repeatable environments which mainly rely on execution of certain commands. I find that you end up with multiple shell scripts that float around and after a few months you don’t remember why they were created in first place.

Was looking for a solution to organize my shell scripts that are easy to create and can use templates.

Searching ended up with this list compiled by Donnie Berholtz.

Of the list I think rerun is the best. It is easily understandable and creates docs on the fly. Has built-in testing framework that facilitates building of unit tests right from the start. Whats not to like?. Surprised that it does not have more followers.

This post is a great intro on using rerun in a non trivial environment and demonstrates conceptual thinking and workflow behind using the framework.

More info on rerun here >> Source: rerun: Dance your way through standard operating procedure