My Upgrades so far

  1. Cooling fan shroud – The one from getting started guide did not work well for me so printed the Improved fan shroud that surrounds the Hotend.
  2. Spool Rack Spacer (from Getting started guide)
  3. Raspberry camera bed mounting post
  4. Printrbot Simple Metal Small Feet
  5. Improved PB Fan Shroud
  6. Compact Raspberry Pi Case
  7. Raspberry Pi mounting clip


  • Blue Tape (3M #2090)
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Putty Knife (though I find box cutter works better with its sharp edge to get under the prints),
  • a air tight box for filament with dessicant.
  • Raspberry PI w/ wifi dongle, Raspberry Camera and Octoprint (offloads the printing from your PC/Laptop).

Misc Tips:

  • Cleaning the metal top with alcohol prior to applying the tape to remove any adhesive residue may prevent the tape from pulling up during prints (i did not encounter this issue but tried it nevertheless, keeps adhesive buildup from Blue Tape) .
  • if printing ABS – wipe the Kapton with Acetone, if printing PLA – wipe the Kapton with rubbing alcohol
  • I print PLA mostly 195 and 45 mm/s. I find that 195 works for most of the filaments I have tried.
  • Wait for the bed temp to equalize with room temperature after printing is done. Prints just pop off without effort. For flat prints, I use boxcutter to pry an edge till it just pops off. For taller prints I just have to twist the print and it pops off.

Wish List

  • PrintinZ – Eliminates blue tape and surface prep for printing. Will try it out once I’m confident in fiddling with calibration.  Upgrade for PrintinZ – Plate clips to attach to Printrbot