Decided to try NinjaFlex especially to try out this functional print Lightning-Aux holder by Maker1893

Got a trial size filament at Amazon NinjaFlex TPU Flexible Filament 1.75mm 50g Blush which on second thought seems incredibly overpriced.

Downloaded the recommended profile settings from NinjaFlex from PrintrBot Site

Fired up the printer and sent over sliced gcode via Octoprint

With the recommended settings from PB profile, the temperature settings seem to be very hot. Especially for the first few layers since the filament continuously dripped @225.

test cube below.

Printed the Lightning-Aux holder by Maker1893/a> with same settings


Meanwhile googling revealed a post by Matthew Mead on the same issue where he goes in into detail problems with NinjaFlex

Adapting from his post, here are before and after test cubes after tweaking the profile.  This is the bottom (first layer). Definitely an improvement.

Only changes are :

Printing Temperature: 215
Initial Layer Thickness : 0.3 mm
Bed Temperature : 40 (preheated this in Octoprint (not in Cura)